Account : 000735

Region : EU

Server : 110

Price € : 20

Price $ : 25

: 14400

: 20

: 0


Char Name Rank Affinity
All Might S Power
WHM Shoto Todoroki S Technique
Tenya Iida A Speed
Ochaco Uraraka A Power
Tsuyu Asui A Speed
Mashirao Ojiro A Power
Izuku Midoriya B Speed
Denki Kaminari B Technique
Eijiro Kirishima B Power

MHA accounts are region locked!
EU accounts are only playable on EU version of the app (My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero)
NA accounts are only playable on NA version of the app (My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero Anime RPG)
Paypal, preferably "Friends and family"
You'll have to provide me a Google or Facebook unlinked account (email and password), i'll link it immediatly, then you just have to use those IDs to log in and access your account. Facebook account must be more than 1 hour old
Contact me with a message like this :

Hi, i would like to buy this MHA account : 000735

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Send a private message to :

Fresh Gacha - MHA


Send me a message on messenger
All accounts are fresh, only tutorial has been done, this mean all story, sub story and everything else is available, for you to farm.
Every coins present on accounts come from daily login, event rewards and orders, no mod or hack used, so no risk of ban (more than 1500 accounts sells, and none got banned)